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We provide a wide range of PRO services in Dubai and across the UAE at the most competitive rates.

Significance of PRO services in UAE

Services of PRO companies in Dubai ensure that the businesses adhere to all the labour laws compliance requirements by accurately preparing and filing the labour contract to the relevant departments.

On behalf of the companies, the PROs take care of the emirates IDs, labour cards, establishment cards, medical insurance etc. A company without access to PRO services in Dubai can only anticipate tussle with government departments and penalties for non-compliance etc.

SMEs and startups often trust the services of PRO firms in Dubai instead of in-house resources to cut costs and to have a professional approach to critical matters.

Common Services Provided by PRO Firms in Dubai

Labour and Immigration Services

It is important for each employer and employee in the United Arab Emirates to comply with the requirements of the labour department. Even after issuance of a visa, there are a host of issues and guidelines related to the labour and immigration departments that are required to be addressed and complied with. It can become difficult to deal with labour departments of different Emirates, as each labour department has its self-designed procedure. It can also be difficult for foreign nationals to deal with the labour departments as they are predominantly staffed with Arabic speakers.

Our PRO’s provide a host of labour and immigration services, including issuance of visa, execution of employment contract, employment visa quotas, issuance of work permit, cancellation of work permit, issuance of labour card, issuance of labour contract etc. Apart from this some of the other labour and immigration services offered by us are as follows:

company license

A company license is the most important document to start a business in the United Arab Emirates. It is a permit to carry out business. The company license mentions all major activities that a company can carry out in UAE. Obtaining, renewing or cancelling a trade license can be a complicated process that requires expert knowledge.

The issuance, renewal and cancellation of company licenses are carried out by the licensing authority where the company is situated. Broadly, there are three company jurisdictions in the United Arab Emirates being:

  1. Mainland
  2. Freezone
  3. Offshore

Our PRO experts provide seamless attestation services.

Attestation of Documents

What is attestation? 

The process for validating the authenticity of a particular document is called attestation, legalisation or consularisation. The attestation process in the United Arab Emirates varies depending on the document and the country that has issued the document. Normally, attestation process includes different stages, which can be complex to carry out. The process of attestation is also sometimes referred to as notarisation, although in the UAE, local document notarisation is exclusively undertaken by a local UAE notary public. 

Why do you need attestation in UAE? 

As the UAE is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, attested documents are required for most processes in the UAE for companies and for individuals, therefore it is essential to obtain official recognition of these documents for use within the UAE. 

What kind of documents require attestation? 

  • Educational certificates (degree certificates, diploma certificates)
  • Non-educational certificate (personal certificates, birth certificate, marriage certificate)
  • Commercial certificate/documentation (board resolutions, power of attorney / memorandum or articles of association).         

Typing and Translation Services

Many departments and offices in UAE do not accept English copies of documents. These documents are required to be typed in a specific format and translated in Arabic, so that the contents of the documents are validly recognized. In many cases the Arabic translated copy is also not accepted either because the translation is not precise, or the typing format is not accurate. This can lead to a lot of hassle.  

If you require typing and translation services in any Emirate in the United Arab Emirates, then our PROs are at your service to meet your requirements. Our PROs have vast experience in typing and translating between English and Arabic for our client bases comprising of both individuals and corporates. Our experts are capable of typing and translating all documents precisely, so that they are validly accepted in the UAE.  

Some of the documents for which we provide typing and translating services are below:

government approvals

People living in UAE sometimes require external approvals from different government offices and government departments to carry out certain activities. Even businesses set up in the UAE may require these external approvals from time to time to conduct their day-to-day business.  These approvals are mandatory, and people / businesses cannot carry out their intended activity without obtaining the concerned approvals. 

We know that it can be a tedious task to get these government approvals. These approvals not only take time, but there is also a lot of running around to do between different departments. In order to get these approvals, your paperwork has to be perfect and one small mistake can make the government department decline your approval application. This is a lot of hassle, but not worth your time. 

 We offer a service wherein we  will get your government approval for you. Our PRO’s will provide full assistance from preparing the application to personally visiting the government departments on your behalf. The vast network of our PRO’s at different government department makes the application process simpler and faster. You can get your desired government approval while relaxing at home.

We help our client’s obtain approvals from the following local authorities:

To get your concerned government approval in a timely manner, call us today or leave an inquiry on our website.

government departments

ministry of foreign affairs
judicial department
dubai economy
roads & transport authority
land department
dubai courts

documents clearance

What is Document Clearance? 

Document Clearance simply means that to incorporate a company in Dubai or to register business in UAE there are a list of PRO services, certifications and authorizations required – getting these authorized documents is known as Document Clearance.  

How can we help you?

WE Like to make things simple and easier for our clients and therefore offer door-to-door visa services for employees, families, and nannies. We provide online visa services to citizens of all nationalities residing in the UAE. We issue visas and residence visas and cancelations for families, nannies, employees, and birth certificates for newborns, and many more.

document, agreement, documents-428338.jpg

official agreement

Our expert advisors will walk you through the necessary official agreements such as Memorandum of Associations (MOA), Power of Attorney (POA) or any other important government documents while making sure that the required paperwork is prepared as needed to avoid any possible issues during the initial submission.

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