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The difference between the UAE Entry Permit and Residence Visa

The Entry Permit allows the holder to enter the UAE and it is valid for only a certain amount of time (usually up to three months). Entry permits are issued based on the purpose of your travel. For example, an entry permit for tourism purposes is a UAE Tourist Visa. 

Note: some nationalities don’t even need an entry permit or can get one on arrival. Basically, if you are exempt from a UAE Tourist Visa, you don’t need to get an entry permit because the two are more or less the same thing.

The Residence Visa allows the holder to reside in the UAE long-term. After you enter the country, your sponsor has to apply for your residence visa from the relevant visa-issuing authorities as described above.

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What is family visa in uae?

family visa

A family visa is a document issued for family reunification purposes in a foreign country. Usually, to qualify for a family visa, you need to have a family member, i.e., a spouse/partner, parent,  or child who is settled in a foreign country and you want to join them. A Family Visa for the UAE can be issued for 1, 2, or 3 years and can be renewed at least thirty days before expiry. Family Visas are dependent on the sponsor, so if the sponsor’s visa expires or is canceled, then the Family Visas will also be void.  

What Professions are Eligible for Family Visa in UAE? 

As of 2019, there are no specific professions that are eligible to sponsor their family members for a UAE Family Visa. Any foreign worker who meets the salary requirements can bring their family members to the UAE.

Who Can you Sponsor for a UAE Family Visa?

How to Apply for UAE Family Visa?

Visa processing in UAE can be a daunting task. That is why KABAYAN EHSAN  offers end to end assistance to you for processing your UAE residency visa. Our PROs liaison and co-ordinate with different government departments for handling, processing and approval of your UAE visa residency application.  PRO solutions are custom made for the different visa requirements of all our clients. 

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Foreign workers are divided into three categories, based on their academic qualifications/skill sets:

Category 1: If you have at least a bachelor’s degree
Category 2: If you have a post-secondary diploma in any field
Category 3: If you have a high school diploma



Employment visas Individuals and companies wishing to establish themselves in the UAE must possess a valid work permit or employment visa UAE to conduct their operations within the country legally. The duration of stay and work permissions can vary depending on the type of employment visa, ranging from two years to even more. This essential document grants the privilege of living and working in the UAE, ensuring compliance with the nation’s legal requirements.

UAE Employment Visa Rules

To be allowed to work in the UAE, you as well as the company hiring you must fulfill the following conditions:

golden visa

In 2019, the UAE introduced the Golden Visa for a wide range of individuals within the UAE and abroad. Foreign nationals can reside in the UAE more efficiently, thanks to the Golden Visa. This enables individuals to spend ten years living, working, and studying in the UAE while taking advantage of its comforts. Much like the Investor visa the Golden visa also offers a long-term stay for investors in the country. To ensure you receive your visa promptly, it is advisable to hire visa services in Dubai or any emirate you wish to get your visa from. The GOLDEN VISA in the uae is an excellent opportunity to stay in the country for a longer duration.

investor visa

An investor visa is a long-term visa issued by the UAE government for potential entrepreneurs who are willing for business setup in the country. An investor visa is similar to a business visa in the UAE and comes with a multitude of benefits for the holder From easy business setup to 100% ownership – this is an ideal choice for newly launched business owners. They can establish a business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any emirate of their choice. However, there are a few rules that the holder should be knowledgeable of.

freezone visa

Obtaining a free zone visa also means that foreign investors have the opportunity to own a business in Dubai. Owners can hold 100% ownership of their company, which gives them full control over operations and investments. Plus, they don’t need to hire any local employees or partners to do so, either. 

Dubai visa’s validity lasts for two years, while a free zone visa is valid for three years. Moreover, your mainland visa application is mostly governed by the UAE Labor Law. Free zone visa depends on the specific law of your chosen free zone district. When it comes to cost, free zone visa is a little cheaper.

What is an example of free zone visa?

This means that a free zone visa may be in the form of an investment visa, an employment visa, or other types of visa. For example, an entrepreneur looking to establish their company in a free zone may apply for an investor visa. Conversely, those working for a free zone company are eligible for an employment visa.

maid/ nanny visa

A maid visa in Dubai is a visa that allows UAE residents to sponsor their domestic workers. This visa is also called a housemaid visa or a nanny visa Dubai. The maid visa in Dubai is valid for two years, and the sponsor must renew the visa every year to keep the same maid employed.


Insurance companies include national insurance companies, foreign insurance companies and Takaful insurance companies. Foreign insurance companies can apply to practice in the UAE through either a branch office or an insurance agent. 

Types of insurance

The following types of insurance are available in the UAE:

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